Software Upgrade

drs software upgrades

Sometimes customers lose or break the provided tablet/laptop, or they just want to use it on another computer. DRS gives its customers the possibility to reinstall or acquire more license of the embedded software included in their machines. 2 softwares created by DRS are available.

If you own a Ground Exper, you can download the software in the download section and you need a licence code to activate it. When you click on the installed software it will give you a code. Provide us this code and we’ll give you a new licence key. Please contact us by email at only.Price for Ground Exper software licence is 50 euros. If you want to buy a Ground Exper tablet, please only buy Samsung S45.

Click on the following links to download GROUND EXPER software.: Bluetooth version, USB version.

Our scanners and radars (Stealth Scanner, ARS, Proradar X Serie) all use our DRS geophysical 3d software. In case your tablet suffers from malfunction you can repair or reinstall your software. Price is 50 euros. if you want to reinstall completely the software on a new computer or tablet, you need to purchase an additional licence for 300 euros. You can pay via paypal or ban card via paypal (you do not need paypal account to pay via bank card). Please contact us by email at only when you have purchased the licence key and installed the software, then we’ll provide you with activation code.

Click on the following links to download X SERIES, ARS & STEALTH SCANNER software (compressed RAR file. Click here for free unrar software)

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