Water System

New version of product: our new WATER SYSTEM has been improved and now comes in yellow transportable professional hardcase. For easier controls, no joystick is needed anymore; scanning process can be started directly on the device

DRS Water System allows to find water up to 200meters deep. It’s based on our Advanced Resistivity Scanner (ARS). This is achieved through resistivity analysis. Resistivity is an intrinsic property that quantifies how strongly a given material opposes the flow of electric current. This technique is used on construction and archeology. The ARS will send electrical current in the soil thanks to 2 or 4 probes for theorically depth up to 100 meters !  Then it will analyse the results of the bounced signal layer by layer. It will determine what is the most important component below your feet and in this case Water. It can only find water. if you look for cavities and metals you should consider learning more about ARS.

  • Ars advanced resisitivty scanner

  • Ars advanced resisitivty scanner

  • ARS : resistivity measurement

Insert at least 2 probes half way in the ground. Place the device in the middle of the probes. The farther the probes are one from another, the deeper the scan goes. That is why the lenght of the cable matters. If you place 2 probes 6 meter far from the control box (12meters of cable), then you achieve a scanning depth up to 6 meter. You can also use 4 probes to cover more ground. Standard Equipment includes 4 cables/probes of 25m each meaning you can reach depth up to 50 meters with 2 probes and 25 meters if you use 4 probes. You can purchase optional and 4x100meter cable for depth up to 200 meters ! Remember that ARS makes analysis of the soil layers by layers, meaning that if you can identifiy what’s below your feet at a predifined depth. If you choose to scan what’s at 5 meter depth, you will not see what’s below or above 5 meters. To see what’s at 6m depth, you have to scan the 6m layer by adjusting length of the cables.

ARS runs with 110 V high power battery, while similar devices on the market run with simple 1.5V batteries meaning they have not enough power to go much below the surface ! Therefore ARS can achieve much great depth while other devices are only able to scan the surface of the ground. You can purchase optionnal probes with extra long cable for depth up to 200 meters.

ARS send current then electronically checks ground resistivity between 2-4 probes. ARS will scan lines between each probe and tell the result on the screen layers by layers of the soil directly on the machine with LED.

Why buy the ARS ?

  • Finds water up to 100 meters ! (and up to 200 meters thanks to additional cable/probes)
  • Read directly raw results on the machine via LED
  • Easy to use, no need for complicated settings or remote PC/Tablet
  • Scan with 2 or 4 probes

ARS comes with :

  • Control unit
  • 4 probes with wires (4×50 meters)
  • Tablet PC with Windows
  • 110 V high energy battery
  • Installed DRS 3D software
  • Tablet PC Charger
  • Software comes in 5 languages: english, german, arabic, turkish and spanish
  • Pelican case
  • 2 Year Warranty

Optional accessories :

  • 4×100 meter cable and probes for depth up to 200 meters (roller cart included)